I need help determining my ring size. Do you have any suggestions?
The best way to get precisely measured for your ring size is to visit a local jeweler and have them size you. However, additional tools are available such as online charts or purchasing a ring sizer. I've found this website to be a useful tool when determining specific ring sizes:


Please get an accurate determination of your ring size prior to placing an order.

How long does each piece of jewelry take to make?
There are several steps in the process of creating a piece of jewelry. Typically, production of a piece can last from several hours to days at a time.

I love the ring you sent, but it doesn’t fit! Can you resize or reset it?
The short answer to this question is ‘no’. Due to the general makeup of the ring, it is not possible to resize or reset once the stone is in place.

Do you take custom or personalized orders?
I typically am not available to work on custom orders. If you spot a particular design that I’ve created and would like one made in your size, reach out to me. However, please note this will be dependent upon product availability.

How should I care for my sterling silver jewelry?
Sterling silver jewelry is by nature delicate, so please be sure you handle your new piece with care. Always keep your jewelry stored in a pouch (such as the one provided with purchase) or jewelry box to avoid oxidation.
We suggest removing jewelry when:

  • applying any lotions, make up, soaps, etc.
  • showering, swimming, or washing hands
  • working out

We find it helpful to follow this general rule:
jewelry is the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off

How should I clean my jewelry?
Sterling silver naturally develops a dark patina over time. It is both simple and possible to bring these items back to a bright shine through the use of jewelry polishing cloths.

Do you accept returns/cancellations?
Returns/cancellations are accepted as long as the item is returned within its original condition. Buyers are responsible for return shipping labels and sending items back in the timeline described below.

To be eligible for a return, please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your order. Full refunds are given if an item is received and considered defective upon arrival.

Return items must be shipped back within 7 days of original receipt of your item.
However, the seller is NOT responsible for damage to item through improper use or general carelessness. It is recommended, but not required, that the buyer purchases package insurance as the seller is not responsible for lost or stolen packages during the return process.

Is Black Cloud Metal in brick and mortar stores around the United States?
Currently, we are not in any brick and mortar stores. However, check back soon as this will likely change! We DO sell at local markets around the Nashville area. Visit this link (https://blackcloudmetal.com/pages/upcoming-craft-shows) to stay in the know!